Keep within the law and avoid a fine and points on your license with one of our Bluetooth hands free car phone kits. It is illegal to drive whilst holding a mobile phone and it causes a huge risk of accident.

Having a Bluetooth hands free kit installed allows you to make and receive calls much more safely.

As we now rely so much on technology, not only for personal use but many businesses rely on being able to communicate with employees whilst on the road, Having a Bluetooth hands free kit fitted is a must for every vehicle.

We offer various Bluetooth hands free products to suit your needs, with professional on site installation in central Scotland.

Parrot CK 3100 Bluetooth hands free kit – a small LCD screen mounted discreetly on your dashboard allowing you full phone book access and the ability to make and receive calls whilst driving. The display will show caller ID when you receive a call, press green button to answer the call or red button to reject call.

Parrot MKI 9100 and MKI 9200 – all the features of the CK 3100 but with the added ability to stream music via Bluetooth or from a USB stick, IPOD, or SD card.

OEM factory fitted style Bluetooth hands free systems available for many cars that left the factory without Bluetooth installed – Fully integrated into vehicles original screen and controls working just like factory fitted option, with full phone book access and Bluetooth audio streaming available on certain vehicles.

We install Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kits in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife, Stirling, Dundee, Perth